Easirest will Increase the useability/ Comfort and life of your Notebook .....


New Zealand

contact phone ( New Zealand ) 027 4858796 or ...................email... bumper@vodafone.net.nz


VIDEO of Easirest ... CLICK HERE

Easier Keyboard use / visibilty

Better Airflow ... cooler running

Allows use of computer on beds etc...

Folds up and fits in travel bag

Reduces Neck & wrist strain and aches

Strong durable Aluminium construction

Several sizes to suit,
from NZ$35 plus postage

email ... bumper@vodafone.net.nz


Your laptop is a very hot environment for electronic components, and unless kept cool enough damage will occur. Over time your Laptop will clog up with dust sucked inside by the fan system. Unless you open it up and clean it out, it will progressively start to overheat. The Easirest frame system will allow more airflow under the laptop, and the rear elevation will ensure the heat rises to the top to be removed more readily. 

Provides ergonomic benefit, enhancing good posture and easing wrist, hand and back ache.   
If you click on the 'Video' link on this page, you'll see how simple and easy it really is.

Proudly designed and built in Hamilton, New Zealand.